A friend of mine from a way back, Mike Mettler, broadcasts these URLs every once in a while through his GMail profile. Mike is a smart guy, and the articles usually deal with some issue that is out there simmering but hasn’t come to a boil yet. They lay out a problem (often one that I haven’t heard of yet, and usually propose a solution). Good fodder for thought and discussion.

For example, while back, he posted an editorial from the Economist about how ethanol was triggering high food costs and inciting riots in developing countries. This morning, the subject was top story in the Wall Street Journal.

I consider Mike’s articles a leading indicator of the news and public policy discussion. So, they’re good material for my blog. :) I wish I had been putting them up here all along.

The first article is an editorial from Nicholas Kristof dealing with Bush’s (un)policy in Darfur.


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