This excellent piece in DMReview deliberates on some criteria for selecting (or justifying) an ETL tool. We are struggling with this right now. Our shop uses a combination of Informatica and SQL Server DTS for our ETL jobs. With Oracle Warehouse Builder 10gR2 and SQL Server Integration Services both released as viable alternatives, we need to justify our continued six-figure annual investment in Informatica. Is it worth it?

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One Response to “Why Do We Use Informatica?”

  1. niru says:

    In a typical Data Warehousing environment, it is likely that we use ETL tools like Informatica, SAS, etc for extraction and cleansing and then using some Teradata utility like FastLoad or MultiLoad. While the data load from ETL tools like Informatica, SAS is done using ODBC, it is quite slow in execution as compared to Teradata utilities like FastLoad and MultiLoad which load data in parallel.

    Use of Informatica/SAS is must as we need to extract and cleanse data frst before loading. So if we use Informatica or any other tool for extraction and then use Teradata utilities for loading, this may be the fastest solution.

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