I finished moving everything to the new host last night. I am done with the old host and their skimpy disk space allowance and am now on Dreamhost.com. They’ve given me 200GB disk space that will grow by 1GB per week. (My old host gave me 1GB total.) How did I learn about Dreamhost? Through their blog, of course!

I don’t need this disk space right now, but with all that space I can put up a lot of baby pictures and videos. All Dora, all the time.

For those of you reading this on the web, I apologize for the new theme. It looks like I forgot to install the theme I was using. I might change the theme a time or three before I settle on something I like. I read blogs through RSS so layout is the least of my concerns.


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  1. [...] I recently wrote that I switched all my domains over from SRLNet to Dreamhost.com. I closed the account on 10/11 by jumping through all the hoops to file a ticket on their support system. When I received a bill 11/1, I replied to the automated email, and BANG! Instant response. [...]

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