Talk about making your technology easier to use. For a while, I’ve been looking for a solution to our calendaring problem. You see, Julie and I each make commitments for ourselves or for both of us. We commit. Make a mental note. And then either don’t write it down on our calendar. Don’t mention anything to the other. Mention something that we or the other forgets about before the event happens. etc. etc.

We wanted a solution to all this. I was hesitant for it to be a technical solution, because I wanted it to be cheap and really easy to use. I’ll leave alternatives we considered to another post, but we are currently trying google calendar. We both check our gmail frequently, so it’s a pretty natural fit. It is free, but I was still hesitant about it being easy to use.

My pie-in-the-sky dream would be that I could have a conversation over email about getting together with someone and a link would just show up that I could click and automatically add that to my calendar. A lot of calendars will accept iCal files, but to just detect an event from a conversation would be totally cool.

Gmail makes this a reality. Note the link the right of this conversation.

Gmail and Google Calendar are sublime

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