I’m running the new nightly build of Thunderbird 3.0. If you are using Thunderbird and don’t have it installed. Consider it for two reasons:

(1) Folder Views: Including Favorite Folders and Unread Folders
I used Favorite Folders all the time in Outlook and have really missed it since the switch. I have so many IMAP folders that I’m always scrolling around. Bringing back Favorite Folders helps because I can promote folders for current projects to the front.

The unread folders view is something that Outlook didn’t have. I really like it. It’s much better than the brain-dead “unread mail” search folder in Outlook & Thunderbird because it’s still subcategorized by folder. So the tags I apply to my incoming mail are reflected in the unread mail view. ie, Service Center tickets (high priority) aren’t lumped together with Toad listserv blather.

(2) Fixed named entites bug in RSS reader.

Very annoying when your RSS reader doesn’t work with one of the most popular blog platforms out there. Thanks to the writer at Chronos Digital Technology for the tip.

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